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EZBalance Lineup Software

"Hands down, the best $6 I've invested in a long time. The visuals for fielding strengths/weaknesses each inning, ranking your hitting/ fielding skills, ease of changing batting order and lineups game to game etc. are so user friendly. This tool literally saves me hours every week trying to figure this out on my own. The printing options are perfect too. "

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EZBalance Lineup is software designed to help youth baseball coaches balance winning with providing fair playing time and development opportunities for each player.  The objective being keeping players returning to play baseball year after year.

Why You Need Balance

You are volunteering your time to coach youth baseball, t-ball or softball. You want to do the right thing.  You want to give each player equal playing time regardless of their current skill level in order to help each player develop. 

Unfortunately, not every coach in your league is as concerned with fairness.  There will be coaches that are interested in only one thing--WINNING.  He will trot his few "best" players to the same fielding positions inning after inning.  The few "worst" players will split their time in the outfield and on the bench, hopefully fulfilling the league's minimum two inning playing time requirements in the process.

Until now, you have had three choices:

  1. Choose "Winning" -- if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  Put those best few players in the key positions, then sprinkle the leftovers in the outfield for the minimum number of innings required.  The result:  You may win, but you will have upset parents, a reputation of being one of "those" coaches, and most importantly, disappointed players who will not come back to play next year.
  2. Choose "Fairness" -- Blindly assigning players to positions based on some set rotation, ensuring equal playing time.  If your team doesn't win, so be it.  If they aren't competitive, who cares.  If they are stuck in an endless inning in the field because your first baseman cannot catch the ball, so what--we're having fun aren't we?  The result: upset parents and disappointed players who will not come back to play next year.
  3. Choose "Balance" (with a lot of manual effort) - This means spending a lot of time pouring over your lineup, studying fielding weaknesses by inning, adjusting the lineup, making sure the playing time is fair, adjusting the lineup again, studying the fielding positions again and so on and so on. This takes a lot of your time! Result: your players are happy, your parents are happy, but your boss, your spouse and your children are all feeling neglected because you have been spending so much time planning your baseball lineup!

You Now Have a Better Option - EZBalance Lineup Software

EZBalance Baseball Lineup Spreadsheet – Fielding Positions ScreenEZBalance Baseball Lineup Spreadsheet – Fielding Visual ScreenClick to view Fielding Positions Screen – INTERIM VIEW Click here for quick tour video!

EZBalance is an easy to use baseball lineup spreadsheet that makes balancing fairness and winning easy.  Just input your roster, rate the hitting and fielding strength of each player, then easily work through your lineup using a set of visual aids including:

This means your are able to create fair, competitive lineups in a fraction of the time, and much more effectively than by doing it manually.

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(EZBalance Lineup Software is a a Microsoft Excel based spreadsheet.  You will need a PC with Microsoft Excel 2003 or newer.)

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